Lure Coursing Information Page and Club/Bodies holding Lure Coursing Events:

Italian Greyhound "Mikey", BOB winner at the 2007 IGCA ASFA Lure Coursing Trial

Lure coursing is a modern day "bloodless" copy of the original practice of "coursing" sighthounds.  The sighthounds were bred specifically for sighting and running down game (coursing), as opposed to the scent hounds who would follow scents for miles until the game was caught up to, cornered, and held at bay.

Lure coursing attempts to "mimic" the idea of coursing.  A course is set up in a large field (usually 5 acres or larger), using corner pulleys, string and a machine which pulls the string through all the pulleys in a set pattern so as to "mimic" game (i.e.. rabbit or hare) running away from a  predator.  The dogs are run in 3's, 2's or singly (depending on the number of hounds entered) usually by breed, and are scored by 1 or 2 judges (number of judges depending on if you are coursing in the USA or Canada) and judged on 5 criteria:  speed, follow, agility, endurance and enthusiasm.  Hounds will run a preliminary course (a.m.) and a final course (p.m.), then scores are added together giving an overall finishing score.  Dogs are put in order of highest scores to lowest scores to ascertain 1st/BOB, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and NBQ.  (BOB=Best of Breed / NBQ=Next Best Qualifier or 5th).  Sometimes there are ties for placements, in which case the competitors will either "run-off" or forfeit for the tie.  If there are run-offs, these are done  prior to any stake run-offs for BOB.  In Canada, if there are 24 dogs entered they will be divided into two stakes of 12 (ASFA rules differ...see the ASFA web site for details).  The 1st place winners of each stake of hounds must run-off to get one BOB hound.
That's basically it, in a nutshell!

Italian Greyhounds are eligible to lure course under FCI rules overseas, and as well in both AKC and ASFA Lure Coursing in the United States.  After working hard to secure eligibility for them to Lure Course under CKC rules, it seems we may be seeing a light at the end of the tunnel.  If all goes as it should, they should be eligible to run in CKC Lure Coursing as of January 2010 (possibly even 2009, but more than likely it will be 2010).

New to Coursing?  A guide for beginners to Coursing in the U.S.A. (Canadian rules are very similar):

"Running Sighthounds - A Guide For Beginners"  (updated for 2011) is now available in PDF format.
~198 pages / 3 MB PDF download~  ****$9.99 in US funds, via PayPal****
 Click on the Running Sighthounds page at: and check out Contents!


For information about practices and Club trials please contact the following clubs/organizations:


Club Name Contact Person Telephone # Email Address
AHCC - Afghan Hound Club of Canada AHCC Secretary
ASFA - American Sighthound Field Associaton WEB SITE    
CASA - Capital Area Sighthound Association Ed & Johanna Granger 613 839-0514
CSFA - Canadian Sighthound Field Association WEB SITE
GCC - Greyhound Club of Canada Laurie Soutar 519-458-8429
GO - Gazehound Ontario  Web Site Eva Hunter 705-727-9860
IHCC - Ibizan Hound Club of Canada Mary Jane Weir 519-925-2658
LCLC - Lake Country Lure Coursers (ASFA) Patty Munnikhuysen 716-751-6016
MGA - Michigan Gazehound Association (ASFA) Jack Helder 517-655-1173
OLCA - Ontario Lure Coursing Association
Web Site
Heather Jean Dansereau 905-659-1188
QLCA - Queon Lure Coursing Association Lynn Cleary

Call or email the above Contact persons for information about lure coursing practices and/or lure coursing trials.