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Arin was retrieved with the aid of a friend and the O.P.P. on December 22, 2001, after approximately 6 months of being in the charge of self-proclaimed "professional dog trainer" Adam C. Stone, also known as Corey Reddick, of Umbrella Dog Training in Stratford, Ontario, (his company may now be called "Puppy Wishes" and I believe he has left the Stratford area and may be in the Owen Sound or Collingwood area) .  Adam Stone claims to be an aggressive dog trainer, specializing in re-training aggressive dogs.  Arin was taken to my friend's home, whereupon I arrived three hours later to retrieve him.  Both the O.P.P. and myself took numerous photos of  Arin.   All of the photos were turned over to the S.P.C.A.   It was obvious (the O.P.P. made a note of this) that the dog had been washed with some extremely strong chemical agent because he wreaked of the odour from it and was staggering, disoriented and unable to stand or walk properly for over 24 hours.  It smelled to me and my vet like some kind of  chemical pesticide.   I have since learned that Adam Stone has been successfully sued through the courts for reimbursement of veterinary costs incurred due to his neglect of severe illness of another client's dog in Adam's charge.  He as also been successfully sued by another client as well.  The O.P.P. has received previous complaint calls about Adam Stone from clients as well.  I absolutely do not recommend this "dog trainer".  He misled me numerous times.  After seeing the condition of this dog, and what Adam Stone had told me about the condition and health of the dog, I no longer trust him.

Arin was taken immediately to my vet who made several observations and suggestions, most especially to give some liver support, as he felt that Arin was toxic from the chemical and that his liver function was abnormal.  Arin also had severe pyoderma (infected dermatitis) which likely manifested because of severe flea or lice infestation (which is likely why he had been bathed the day he was picked up in such a strong chemical).  From the condition of his hair and skin, it was obvious he had been suffering from some type of infestation for some time.  His immune system was low because of the pyoderma, he was excruciatingly itchy and could not tolerate even to be touched/petted (this is a dog who normally adores being petted and being paid attention to).  As you will see from the photos following, he had severe hair loss along with his very low body weight, and many large body scars which were not on him when he left here, as well as severe elbow calluses, with one (the left) being so large as to be a hygroma.  He had severe atrophy of his musculature and particularly his back muscles.  He was unable to stand properly for several days nor could he run for several weeks and then could not run properly or well for several months.  It was also very obvious that he had some emotional problems and was obviously depressed.  Arin, who previously would willingly go into a great dane sized crate (he is a very large greyhound) could not be put into one.  He would not willingly enter into it, not even for his dinner would shake in anxiety at the very thought of entering the crate and once when I managed  to physically push him in,  he shook in fear and anxiety for the entire 20 minutes he was in there for dinner (definitely not a normal behaviour for him).  He would however, enter into an X-pen with less trepidation, so for many months we used an x-pen to house him for supper time.  After many months he lost this un-natural  fear of the crate and we were able to get him to go in without him having an anxiety attack although still he prefers the x-pen if he gets a choice. 

At the end of these photos you will find photos taken February 16th, 2002, approximately 8 weeks after his return from Adam Stone of Umbrella Dog Training.  You will see a definite weight gain,  re-growth of hair and his coat looks much better.  By this time the pyoderma had been cleared up and he is no longer miserably itchy.....all this with a good raw diet, lots EFA supplementation and herbal supplements to support his liver and immune system plus a herbal spray topically on his skin to help soothe the pyoderma.  He is slowly but surely returning to the excellent health he enjoyed prior to leaving our home.  His fearfulness has also become a distant memory and he appears to be more emotionally stable.
Callouses & hygroma  on Arin's elbows and alopecia:
This photo shows the left elbow callous & hygroma, plus a noticable scar on his chest.  He has a matching scar on his right side chest behind the elbow as well.  When he lays on his chest in sphinx position, his elbows directly line up with both scars on his chest.  Neither the scars nor the callouses were on his body previously.   Note the lack of hair.
You can see the right side scar on this particular photo.  It was not as bad a scar as the left side had.

Below are two body shots of his right side.  You can clearly see all his spinal processes due to low body weight / lack of muscle and numerous scars on his body
plus the terrible hair loss on his sides, chest, rear end.

Below are photos of his left side, front and rear showing scars and missing hair....



Below  is a photo of Arin's hind end.  Note the tremendous hair loss.  He was like this for months as the trainer told me in early December 2001, that he had in fact been underweight and sickly and with severe hair loss since the mid-summer!  I was shocked and appalled because I had not been
notified about this and it appears that the dog was not in the care of a veterinarian or
the problems would have been addressed and cleared.
This was when I demanded the dog be returned to me. 


ARIN'S TEETH - photos taken Dec 25, 2001:



Here you can see the much improved rear end.....
And below you can see a much improved right rear and flank.  Notice the weight gain as well....

And below is the right side taken from above while he was laying chomping on a bone! (you can clearly see how he has gained back weight and that his coat is getting nice and glossy!

Here is his left side, which also looks better although the bad scars are still a bit visible.

Notice that the elbow is beginning to look better as well as the rear leg.

Below are photos taken February 25th, outdoors which are I think a little easier to see!  New "mouth/teeth" photos are included!  The pearly whites are getting just that...pearly white....although there is a bit or tartar still to go on the canines.....

Of course, Arin still has a ways to go, but he is considerably better now than he was and we expect he will look even better in the next couple of months!  The difference in him now, is like night and day and his transformation has been amazing to behold indeed!

Addendum:  On July 14th, 2002, Arin actually was fit and sound enough to run in a CARA 200 yard straight race meet.  He raced at several more meets following that and improved with each meet.  We did not think back in February that he would ever race again, but he loves to run and he would not give up.  He worked hard at getting himself better and better doing his runs in the field, letting us do physio and massage with him until he had the muscle strength once again to chase that wild fake bunny!  We are so happy for him......

July 18, 2003:  Since uploading this page, I have been contacted by several clients of Adam Stone's who have had similar experiences with Mr. Stone.   As well, I became aware of  this link which outlines another person's experiences with Mr. Adam Stone of Umbrella Dog Training (be advised the photos are unsettling):

Addendum March 13th, 2004:  It is with great sadness that we announce that Arin left us for the Rainbow Bridge.  I realize that his immune system suffered such a devastation that he developed bone cancer. (Here is an interesting web site on stress/emotional distress and cancer:  In December 2003, Arin developed a limp and growth, and was then diagnosed with bone cancer.  We made the decision to amputate his leg.  After the amputation, he was also experiencing kidney failure, which often is secondary to bone cancer.  The amputation was a success, and Arin was able to be pain free and get around well, however, the kidney failure was not reversible and he lost his battle to it, on March 13th, 2004.  He died in my arms knowing that I loved him dearly.  To go to his Memorial Page, please click here:  ARIN'S MEMORIAL PAGE

If you have a dog in need of behavior work for fear-aggression or dominance-aggression, contact Ontario Veterinary College and ask for Dr. Simmons.  She is a veterinarian with a Masters degree in animal behaviour as well as 12 years experience in treating behaviour cases including canine aggression.  Also recommended is  Dr. Gary Landsberg of Doncaster Animal Clinic in Thornhill.  He is a vet with Board certification in behaviour and has much experience in treating aggression disorders.  You can contact OVC at 519-824-8830 and you should be able to find Dr. Landsberg through the OVMA website ( or the CVO website (

Do thorough reference checks on any dog trainer you are considering using, and make sure to ask for client names who were not "satisfied" as well as the "glowing references" with the results of their dog's training!  You should know the reasons why some clients might not be satisfied.  Be VERY cautious when looking for a dog trainer or "behaviorist."  Be wary of any trainer who requires the dog be left in their care for any period of time.  Training should be WITH the owner at a facility or office setting and the dog should remain in the care of the owner.   For more information on finding a dog trainer and to get onto an email support group regarding aggressive dog problems, please go to:  If you have had an experience with Adam Stone or any other dog trainer, you are not alone....feel free to EMAIL US if you have any questions or concerns.  If you suspect neglect or abuse from any trainer or facility, PLEASE take your dog immediately for WRITTEN veterinary assessment, and then contact the Ontario SPCA with your concerns AND your veterinary assessment and invoice in hand, as quickly as possible.   If you have paid monies for services and/or goods which you have not received, it might be prudent to contact the police with your concerns.