Although we no longer breed borzoi, we would like you to see OUR SPECIAL BORZOI, memorial page...

Our foundation sire & dam.....


"Amo"         "Serena" 

Borzoi CH. LEPUS BARONESS SHAZDOV, FCh, doing what she loves to do best...

Shasta's Pedigree
"Shasta" finished her Show Championship very quickly which included Specialty wins over Specials. She is pictured here winning a Group 2nd at Wildwood Kennel Club Show, handled by Jessica Moulton. She also has a Best Puppy in Group win to her credit. She started her lure-coursing career June 1, 1997, with a BOB and although we trialed her very limitedly, she continued to pick up 2 more BOB's, a 2nd & a 3rd placements! She also started her racing off quite late but managed to pull off a #4 Borzoi CARA Straights and #5 Borzoi CARA Ovals 1997. She had the major accomplishment in October '97 of winning #1 Iron Dog Borzoi (a grueling 3 day event of 1 day straight racing, 1 day of lure coursing and 1 day of oval racing). 1998 was also a year of very limited venues and she finished #6 Borzoi in Canada for Lure Coursing. Her sister Azora, in the photo below, finished #8.

Borzoi Ch. Lepus Barbur Azora &

Ch. Lepus Baron Von Rudov

"Azora" and "Rudy" both finished their Championships easily, Azora finishing with WB at the Gazehound Ont. Specialty for Sighthounds. Rudy has had multiple BOB's and a Group 2nd in 1998. He is pictured here at 16 months of age. He was owned by Randy Algar, who sent me this lovely photo (below) of Rudy relaxing on the deck! Rudy, Azora, Shasta & Barclay (below) were born June 6, 1995.  All are now together again at the Rainbow Bridge....



Borzoi Lepus Bien Amie Afrika, doing what

comes naturally...

"Barclay", Shasta's litter brother, showing fine form on the oval track! Barclay was owned by Judith Mcananama. 

Borzoi Ch. Lepus A Mozart Serenade
(CH. Lauroncroft's Amadeus Mozart FCH  X Almine Laba Shadylane)

"Ana", shown here winning the Award of Merit at the Borzoi Club of Ontario Show under  Judge Lorraine Groshans (84 entries).  She is a multi-BOB winner, multi-Group placing Borzoi. She has  a temperament that is "to die for" and is the easiest dog in the world to live with. She has been out showing at Specialty Shows as a Veteran since early 1999.  We have had a good deal of fun showing both her and Yeti (her litter brother below) in Veteran classes.  Ana passed on to the Rainbow Bridge at 13 1/2 years of age.  To View both Ana & her brother's, "Ch. Lepus Abominable Snowman" (shown below), PEDIGREE CLICK HERE.



(CH. Lauroncroft's Amadeus Mozart FCH  X Almine Laba Shadylane)


"Yeti", is Ana's litter brother, also a Multi-BOB, Multi-Group Winning Borzoi. Yeti has made the Veteran "rounds" and so far this year at the 1999 Gazehound Ontario Sighthound Specialty Show where he took Veteran Dog, was cut for the Breed, received Best Veteran In Breed and proceeded to be awarded Best Veteran in Sighthound Specialty Show!  He was also exhibited at the 1999 Borzoi Club of Canada National Specialty Show in the Veteran Sweepstakes where he won Best Veteran male and then went on to receive Best Veteran in Sweepstakes. (Both photos below) We are very, very  proud of him.  At 10 years of age, he still remained fit & sound, with a smooth, flawless side gait that can put young borzoi to shame!

We bred a litter of pups sired by Yeti out of Ch. Silkwind's EE Oreo (a litter sister of Flynn's, whom we have purchased from Frances Geary of Silkwind's Borzoi). The pups were born October 10th, 2000 and were a well marked litter of 5 males & 3 females.   To view the pedigree of the litter click here.   Sadly the litter contracted parvo virus and only 3 puppies survived.  Photos of the three of Oreo and Yeti's litter are below these Veteran Win photos of Yeti's.

Yeti winning Veteran Classes in 1999 at 7 years of age

Yeti at 9 years of age

Yeti at 11 years of age

Sadly, our wonderful Yeti dog passed away April 25th, 2003 of acute kidney failure.  We miss our big boy but he definitely passed on much of his personality to his son Dorian.  Whenever we look at the son, we fondly remember the father.....

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"Oreo" and was bred by Frances Geary of Silkwinds Reg'd Borzoi in Green Valley, Ontario.  Oreo is a wonderful, sweet bitch, very intelligent and playful and was a WONDERFUL mother!  In early 2002, Oreo went to live with our best friends, Amanda & Richard Thomas.  She now shares their home with 3 whippets and 2 other male borzoi, Neriol and Tundra. 

Oreo passed to the Rainbow Bridge on March 3rd, 2011, just one month shy of her 14th Birthday. 


Below are some of Yeti and Oreo's litter:


Borzoi Lepus Dulcinea, JSR2
(Ch. Lepus Abominable Snowman X Ch.  Silkwind's E E Oreo)
#8 Lure Coursing Borzoi in 2004

Dulcinea pictured above at 2 years of age...standing (left)....coursing at her first trial (right).  Dulcinea is a keen courser and racer.  She did not course for a couple of years, so never finished her field title, but has come out racing occasionally, and in her 7th year, has raced at most meets.  She is almost finished her Veteran Straight Racer title, and should complete it in early 2008.



SBIS Borzoi Ch. Lepus Dorian, FChX, RChS
#3 LC Borzoi in Canada 2003
 #1 LC Borzoi in Canada 2004
(Ch. Lepus Abominable Snowman X Ch.  Silkwind's E E Oreo)
Dorian, Dulcinea & Dimitri's PEDIGREE with Inbreeding Co-efficient

Dorian pictured above is 2 years of age at the BCOO Specialty Show, Racing & Coursing!  He Finished his conformation title in Spring of 2004 and finished his Lure Coursing Field Title with ease in 2003, and will continue on to finish his FChX Title!  Dorian has had an amazing Lure Coursing stint during 2003!  He was BOB, 5 out of 8 lure coursing trials during 2003, which also included the Borzoi Canada Specialty Lure Course (BOB in a full stake of 10 borzoi)!  He is incredible to watch course, and almost always slides in at the finish to "take" the plastic bunny, which he bites whole-heartedly!  Watching him run will take your breath away!  With his limited trials in 2003, he finished an amazing #3 Lure coursing Borzoi in Canada!   Already 2004 is looking good.  He has been out to lure coursing trials and race meets, finishing his Straight Racing Championship in August, and collecting several more coursing BOBs, including a BOB at the GCC Field Trial-Conformation Show in BOTH the Field Trial AND the Sighthound Specialty Show!  Follow up that he then achieved a BOB in the Field Trial portion of the AHCC Field Trial/Conformation Show, with a BOS in the Show portion.  Photos at the GCC FT/Conf Show are below!  Way to go, DoDo!



2004 NEWS FLASH!!!:
Dorian attended the Gazehound Ontario Field Trial/Conformation Show on October 2nd, 2004, winning BOB on the Field and then after winning BOB in the conformation ring, went on to win BEST IN SIGHTHOUND SPECIALTY SHOW!!  Thank you Judge Kim Leblanc !   WE ARE VERY PROUD OF HIM.  WHAT AN ACCOMPLISHED BORZOI HE IS!  Handled by mom, Roberta!  Photo below:

Of 17 trials total, since he started coursing October 20th, 2002, to date (end of 2004 Lure Coursing Season), Dorian has achieved the following results:    12 BOBs, 2 Second Placements, 2 Third Placements and 1 Fourth Placement out of a total of 17 trials attended.  He has consistently been in the ribbons and consistently had competition.   In 2004, he has won BOB, 7 out of 9 trials, all with competition (3 or more dogs).

NEWS FLASH! Dorian was #1 Lure Coursing Borzoi in 2004!  His sister, Dulcinea, was #8 Lure Coursing Borzoi in 2004!

More photos of Dorian coursing...these from July 2005.  Dorian finished his FChX title in September 2005! 




Dorian attended both the Borzoi Canada and Borzoi Ontario Specialties in Rockton, Ontario, on May 16, 2009, entered in both the Veteran male and Field Champion Classes!  He won BVIS at the Borzoi Canada Specialty and also the Borzoi Ontario Field Champion Class.  He was SO happy to be out showing.  Here's a nice photo from that day:

We are very proud of him.  Not bad for a dog almost 9 years of age.

To view more photos of him from the Specialties, click here for Dorian's GALLERY.

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Dorian and Dulcinea have sadly passed on to the Rainbow Bridge...Dulcie lost her battle with bone cancer in her 12th year on January 23rd, 2012.  Dorian lost his battle with prostate cancer on February 3rd, 2012.  They were the last of our home-bred Borzoi and the house is very empty without them.


Borzoi Lepus Daelan
(Ch. Lepus Abominable Snowman X Ch.  Silkwind's E E Oreo)


"Dmitri" was an adorable, sweet boy with a great sense of humour and playful beyond words.  Rene & Peter Evans shared their home with Dmitri, Greyhound Julian and German Pinscher Ziggy.  Sadly, Dimi had a severe leg break in an accident and later passed to the rainbow bridge March 2007, 6 months before his 7th Birthday, of bone cancer.

Borzoi SBIS Ch. Silkwind's Errol Flynn

Best In Specialty, B.C.O.O.
May 2000 (above) at the age of 3 years.

Kim's dog "Flynn", a beautiful, smart, affectionate and typey Irish marked mahogany brindle male with correct coat, sound body, correct head and exquisite movement.  Flynn won Best In Specialty at the BCOO Specialty Show in May 2000.  Flynn is a litter brother to "Oreo" and was bred by Frances Geary of Silkwinds Reg'd Borzoi in Green Valley, Ontario. 

Sadly, Flynn crossed over the rainbow bridge in March 2004, of bone cancer following a rear leg bone injury falling through ice in the pond.  He is sadly very much....

This is  Borzoi puppy, Ch. Lepus Arrow Dynamic  (litter brother to Ana and Yeti) at about 10 weeks of age...what a smart boy...he figured out that if he sits on the dishwasher lid, it gets him about 8 inches closer to the counter, where mom is making up his lunch!

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