"Tegan", our 14 old Lurcher...she was like the energizer bunny...she would play with Arin the Greyhound and the other dogs. She was matriarch of this household and all respected and loved her.  She passed away June 4th, 2001 and is very sadly missed....she would have lived to 20 had she not been afflicted by fibrosarcoma.  She was an amazing dog, stoic and full of life, with an iron will....... OUR TRIBUTE TO TEGAN!

The Felines of the House...rulers of

all they peruse....



Here is a photo of some of our barnyard menagerie, including Fancy the cow, and our goat herd....


Our Appaloosa mare, "Don't Skip the Gold" a.k.a.  "Kip":


Skip was adopted from Claire Malcolm of Heaven Can Wait Equine Rescue.  She is an awesome horse and fits right into our lives like a glove!  She protects the goat herd very well and is buddies with the yearling heifers, Carmel and Darriah.

For information regarding a wonderful, fun organization geared to help with health information, and fun things for you and your pet dog to participate in, be it mixed or unregistered pure-bred, Contact:  (the N.A.M.B.R. Network)