"Arin" is a terrific boy...he is game for any and everything and just loves to run!  He finished his Oval Racer of Merit title in early September 1999.  He finished his oval race Champion title in September 1999, is fairly close to achieving his straight race Champion title and needs under 30 points to finish his Field Champion Title.  He is bred by Laurie Soutar, Lakilanni Perm. Reg'd. Greyhounds.  Arin placed #5 Greyhound in CARA Oval Racing 1998.  He finished his Show Championship in Feb/98 as shown in the photo at the right. We are happy with our big "clown's" efforts...he really enjoys himself!

Unfortunately, Arin ran into some problems during 2001, in that I sent him to self-proclaimed "professional dog trainer specializing in aggressive dogs"  Mr. Adam Stone, of Umbrella / Bark dog training (Arin had issues with bullying subordinate and smaller dogs) and we demanded his return from the charge of Adam Stone, finding the dog to be in a terrible state of ill health.  As appalled as I was at his condition, I realized I needed to keep a photo record of just how effectively a raw diet and herbal support can bring an animal back from ill-health.  If you wish to see Arin's photo-record, CLICK HERE.

Sadly in late December 2003, Arin developed bone cancer.  We made the decision to amputate his leg, however after the surgery his kidneys began to fail, which often is secondary to bone cancer.  The amputation was a success, and Arin was able to be pain free and get around well, however, the kidney failure was not reversible and he lost his battle to it, on March 13th, 2004.  He died in my arms knowing that I loved him dearly.  To go to his Memorial Page, please click here:  ARIN'S MEMORIAL PAGE

Another Greyhound & Ex-Racer in our household is "Lavan", pictured below.  He is sweet as pie.   He is a handsome boy, born June 1996.  We had hopes that he would try out Amateur racing in 2000, along with a dabbling of lure coursing, however, it was not to be, as he had an accident herniating a spinal disc which rendered him totally paralyzed from his 1st lumbar vertebrae and beyond.  Euthanasia was NOT an option!  We have worked very hard with him using homeopathics, then acupuncture, chiropractic, hydro & physio-therapies, massage therapy, lots of supplements and of course his wonderful raw diet and this boy has made tremendous gains.  He was paralyzed March 11th, 2000 and within a 2 month time period, he regained feeling in his legs & rear, could somewhat wag his tail and  stand holding his entire body weight on his right rear leg (although mom has to pick him up to get him into standing position) & even tries to do the basic motions involved in walking!  We are VERY proud of him.  Throughout this ordeal he has remained stoic and extremely happy and sweet as ever.  Below you will see photos of him pre & post paralysis.  There are some sweet photos of him sharing his bed with a bunch of whippet puppies, but especially his favorite little girl, Clio!  Lavan's wheelchair cart was custom made by Chad & Lori of "Doggon Wheels".  If you have a rear-end compromised dog, PLEASE visit their website!  They have been very helpful and supportive.  There are lots of links at their site regarding paraplegic dogs including a terrific support group list!  Their web site address is:  http://www.doggon.com
Another good link to try is the CANADIAN ANIMAL REHAB SERVICES of Jim Wilson R.O.F. & Molly Barber AHT, RMLAT.  Their Email address is: animalrehab@neptune.on.ca  and Website Address is: http://www.animalrehab.on.ca   This company manufactures walking aids such as braces for dogs who have had cruciate ligament damage/surgery, rear & front slings to aid dogs to walk, and have custom-made wheelchair carts for either front-end or rear-end paralyzed animals. Another good site: www.handicappedpets.com (includes a classified section with used carts available).  More reputable links are listed just below.
We will continue to give updates on Lavan's progress throughout this year.... stay tuned.... we hope he'll be standing & walking unassisted before the year is out....

More Wheelchair Cart & Disabled Animal suppliers (many of these make prosthetics and braces):
Doggon' Wheels:  http://www.doggon.com/home.html
K9-Carts:  http://www.k9carts.com/
Canadian Animal Rehab Services: http://www.animalrehab.on.ca
Wheelchairs for Dogs: http://www.wheelchairsfordogs.com/ 
Pawsability: http://www.pawsability.ca/

LAVAN UPDATE OCTOBER 4th, 2000: In July 2000 Lavan started to stand and by August was not only standing unassisted but ALSO walking (3-legged, but none-the-less, WALKING!)  He is very excited that he is mobile again!  We are working extra hard with his therapies to get the 4th leg going.  He is starting to show some improvement & hopefully by the end of the year he will be using it in some way.....STAY TUNED!
FURTHER UPDATE JULY 9th, 2001:   Well, our Lavan decided in November that he was going to do his darndest to use the left rear leg (we were discussing amputating it and asked him if that was what he wanted....the answer was a definite NO!)  He then began trying very hard to use it and through December began to walk actually using his left rear as well.  So throughout the winter months the boy has had lots of practice walking through snow (some of it very deep) and since the spring he's been RUNNING all over the place!!!  Yes, he runs, he walks, gimpy of course but none-the-less mobile completely and totally on his own.  The cart is thankfully gathering dust.  It will go out on loan soon to a dear friends old borzoi who is beginning to suffer spinal mylopathy, but if someday Lavan needs his cart back, it will still be there for him....
Lavan did the most INCREDIBLE THING yesterday!  He actually walked up the stairs to our second floor (14 steps, a landing and then 4 more steps)!!!  He blew my mind away.  It's the first time in 18 months that he has climbed the stairs....AND since he did it the first time (Sunday September 9th, 2001), he did it again on Sunday and then about 6 or 7 times on Monday and well, he's not looked back since!  He can now go up and down and is now totally mobile on his own.  He is still rather gimpy when he walks, but that doesn't stop him and he doesn't need me to carry him upstairs at night to go to bed anymore!  My arms and my back are very grateful!  He is just THE BEST!  He has an iron will.  We are SO VERY proud of his efforts and tenacity.  His motto must be "NEVER GIVE UP".  He is a VERY SPECIAL dog!

Sadly, on July 29th, 2004, at the age of 8 years, Lavan crossed the Rainbow Bridge to be with his pal Arin and some of his past whippet pals.   We were happy that he had 4 good years post paralysis.  We will miss you Lavan darlin'....

These 2 photos of Lavan are Copyright & Courtesy of Mark Raycroft.  Thank you Mark for these beautiful shots of our lovely, sweet boy!

Lavan in his cart from Doggon' Wheels!

Lavan babysitting & with his favorite whippet puppy, Clio, after his paralysis!