Our Kennel is Permanently Registered with the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC)
Roberta & James Jamieson
Ontario, Canada
Email: lepusreg@gmail.com
Functional, Sound, Home Raised, Naturally Reared, Lovely Temperaments, Highly Intelligent Whippets, Excelling Both On The Field & In The Show Ring. Raw fed since 1987. Always Breeder/Owner handled in the Show Ring.

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Read this link: http://www.ukrmb.co.uk/images/LippertSapySummary.pdf, a research paper showing an approximate 3 year increase in longevity for dogs fed a home-made diet as opposed to commercially fed dogs.

Who are we?  Roberta and James Jamieson  Our CKC Registered Kennel Name "LEPUS" is latin for "hare".  There is also a constellation in the night sky of the same name (Lepus the hare)  Of course, Whippets, besides being used for Rag Racing, were also bred for hunting rabbit and small hare!  Jim acquired our foundation Whippet bitch back in 1976 from Tuck Turner, Denroc Whippets. She was Ch. Denroc White Witch, T.T., otherwise known as "Blueberry", a.k.a. "Blue"!  Of course, she was a white & blue brindle parti-colour!  Although Lure Coursing was just in it's infant stages at the time, Blue proved to be very adept, and by the time it became a well known, practical event, she was older & course wise, but still enjoyed showing the young'uns how it was done!
Although we no longer are breeding Borzoi, we acquired our Borzoi foundation bitch in 1989 from the Laba Kennels ~ Almine Laba Shadylane.  "Serena" passed on to the rainbow bridge in June of 2001 in her 14th year.  Our last borzoi litter was born in October 2000 and it was our final litter.  Dorian, was our "swan-song" dog....he was a Conformation Champion, Specialty Winner, #10 lure coursing borzoi in Canada in 2002, #3 in 2003 and #1 in 2004, finishing his Field Champion Excellent title in mid-2005!  He was an awesome dog with a wonderful disposition and incredible soundness and stamina.  He was a joy to behold running full out in the field....absolutely breath-taking!  You can read more about him by clicking on "Visit our Borzoi Page" in the left hand frame.  Dorian and his sister Dulcinea, left us in February 2012, both in their 12th year, both due to cancer.  We miss them every day.
We strive to breed for preservation, health, temperament, soundness, beauty and functionality in our Whippets and Italian Greyhounds.  We feel you only get out what you put in...we take great care to choose our breeding stock.  We start only with outstanding females and use males who are sound and compliment our bitches in every respect.  On several occasions we have imported males from Europe and Ireland, to keep bloodlines diverse, and retain correct topline & size (height), as in general North American Whippets have been getting far too tall, many losing their lovely S-curves.   We test for clearances as well.  We do not breed frequently...we are striving for QUALITY not quantity!  We believe the secret to great progeny does not lie in the pedigree, but rather with the individual parents.  Pedigrees are tools to help us calculate our "co-efficients of inbreeding", which we like to maintain below 6% as a rule.  We can estimate the probability of certain traits coming out in puppies, that were evident in past relatives.  It is important to see sound, correct dogs and bitches, in our pedigrees.  We have, and continue to breed excellent Coursing/Racing Whippets who are very competitive both on the field and in the Show Ring.  Our Whippet, Ch. Lepus Willow Ufgood, FCh., ORC, ORCh, SRCh, RChX6 has been the #1 Overall CARA Racing Sighthound & #1 Race Whippet for 1997, 1998, 1999 & 2000!  You can see & read about him by clicking our "whippet link" in the left frame. As well, another four of the Top Ten CARA straight race whippets are from our breeding. 
Great food & daily exercise are the other important keys to raising sound, healthy dogs!  At Lepus we feed only Natural raw foods, which consist of raw meats, raw meaty bones, marine (fish) proteins high in EFA's, a variety of fresh greens, fermented greens, along with the addition of some herbs and kelp.  This is a very important consideration for any prospective new home for one of our dogs, because we only place our dogs in raw feeding homes (we give plenty of help and on-going support to newcomers to the raw method of feeding!) For more information on this, see our "About Natural Rearing" page.
Our dogs have more than an acre of fenced yard, live in our home in a pack environment, and go out most days for a good run in the back fields and to play in the ponds -- they are of course together & running free.  We are with them and everyone has a wonderful time!  They especially love the ponds in the summertime...the Borzoi loved the icy cold water in the fall, winter &  spring!  Especially after a very hot & tiring run!
When we do have puppies, they are well socialized & physically handled extensively from birth on to ensure good stress & illness resistance and recovery as adults (we practice Early Neurological Stimulation). At around 12 weeks of age they start coming out with us to show handling classes, where they meet other people and dogs.  They continue with this, as well as the occasional Sanction Match.  They are ready to go to their new homes from about 14 to 16 weeks of age.  We prefer this because we know their mother and the other adult dogs have a great influence on their "doggy" social education as well as our influence of "human" socialization through classes and visitors.  This offsets any possible problems due to lack of proper socialization during the critical period of development between 3 and 16 weeks of age.  Although we will provide access to raw meats, raw milk, etc, for the pups from a very early age, our bitches wean the pups without human interference at anytime between 9 and 12 weeks.  We allow our pups to be raised and weaned pretty much as nature intended.
Over the years we have been owned by a few other breeds, all of whom we love & cuddle with, some of whom we exhibit, race, field trial and/or hunt with.  We have had several Italian Greyhounds since 1990, although did not breed any litters, until the spring of 2008, and have not since bred another litter of IGs. 
Our earliest Italian Greyhounds were Oscar, Dusty, Ethan (whom we rescued and placed in a great home) and Frankie, who passed away at over 16 years of age in the spring of 2004.  In October of 2004, we were blessed with a new Italian Greyhound addition to our family:  Ch./UCh. Rhamah Lepus Blue Diva (aka Diva)!  She came all the way from Georgia and we are thankful to the Marlowe family for entrusting her to our home!  Subsequent to her arrival, came  3 of her 1/2 brothers: Splash (Ch./UCh. Rhamah Lepus Make A Splash), Mikey (Ch./UCh. Rhamah Lepus Hey Mikey), and Mikey's full sibling, George (Rhamah's George).   We also  welcomed Aero's father Piper (UGRCh/Can.Ch. Orion's Pied Piper At Les Beau).  Diva was bred to Aero and had a lovely litter of 5 Italian Greyhound puppies. Aero (Ch. Les Beau Lepus MMMChocolate) is now living in a wonderful pet home. George also is living in a wonderful pet home along with one of our Whippets.

Italian Greyhound Mikey ~ Ch./UCh. Rhamah Lepus Hey Mikey, RChS, ORM, ASFA & AKC field pointed ~ was #1 CARA racing Italian Greyhound in  2007, 2008 & again in 2009, as well as being Best of Opposite Sex Overall Iron Dog (3 day racing event) for 2007 & 2008 & #3 Overall Iron Dog 2009!

We also bred diary and then meat goats for many years, bred a few cattle, owned several horses over the years, still keep and breed egg & meat birds (chickens, ducks and geese).  We have raised these livestock, on and off since the late 1970's.
We are also "owned" by several cats.  All of our cats are also completely raw fed, two are over 20 years of age and going strong!
Well, there you have it...if you have any questions or suggestions please E-Mail us: lepusreg@gmail.com
The Jamiesons
Ontario, Canada
Phone: 613-707-3088


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