Our Beloved Tegan:
(March 31st, 1987 - June 4th, 2001)
Tegan: aged 2 1/2 years

Tegan & Arin the Greyhound playing up a storm!  Photos taken 1/25/2000

She is 13 years of age; He is almost 4 years of age!
That's OUR TEE!


We have a Secret...
We have a secret, you and I
that no one else shall know,
for who but I can see you lie
each night in fire glow?
And who but I can reach my hand
before we go to bed
and feel the living warmth of you
and touch your silken head?
And only I walk woodland paths
and see ahead of me,
your small form racing with the wind
so young again, and free.
And only I can see you swim
in every brook I pass
and when I call, no one but I
can see the bending grass.

Author Unkown

On June 9th, 5 days after we lost Tegan and our whippet puppy Shiri, we had a race meet at our property.  It was a beautiful day, with lots of puffy clouds drifting overhead all day long.  My friends Amanda & her husband Richard came to the meet that day.  They too had recently lost a dear Borzoi named Ramius.  Amanda told me that she could feel Tegan's presence at the meet, like she was watching over everyone.  Richard was busy all day taking photographs of all the dogs racing.  Late in the day, he was compelled to take the above photo of the cloud formation overhead at that time.  He had no particular reason for doing this, he just said he liked the formation and took the photo.  When he had the film developed he was surprised and amazed to see formations that looked like Tegan, their borzoi Ramius, and little Shiri as well!  They are all circled in black on the above photo.  I was touched to see this and I know they were watching over us.  It was a beautiful feeling and made me very happy to see this when Richard sent the photo to me.  I wanted to share this with others.....
We love you, Tee and Shiri and we miss you terribly.  Until we meet once again.....