Watch this interesting old film reel of Whippet Rag Racing
in the UK circa 1940s


Our Foundations....

In 1976, Jim aquired his first whippet, Ch. Denroc's White Witch, aka "Blue", from Breeder Helen "Tuck" Turner of Denroc Reg'd whippets.  Tuck bred many great dogs, but especially a wonderful Best in Show Winner, Ch. Denroc Hell on Wheels FChX, who played a pivotal role in her breeding program.  "Wheels" was the first whippet to obtain a FChX title, #1 whippet in Canada 1981, #7 Hound 1981, and #3 whippet 1982. He was sire and grandsire to more top whippets in Canada.  He is Grand Sire to Blue's litter.

Jim discovered that "you can't have just one" syndrome!  He showed Blue to her Canadian Championship and did some lure coursing and racing with her.  She was bred and in 1982 produced a lovely litter, which included Ch. Lepus the Denroc Talisman TT, Lepus Koira Crystal Ring TT, and Ch. Lepus Denroc Divining Rod, FCh.   On this page are photos of Blue, some of her housemates and some of her offspring.  Her daughter, Ch. Lepus the Denroc Talisman was leased and returned with one of her offspring, Icewind Stag Hound (Stag), who finished his Canadian Field Title and was amongst the CKC Top Ten Lure Coursing whippets for a few years.  Stag is sire to Ch. My Fleetfoot Unicorn of Lepus.  Tali was bred again in 1990, however lost her singleton puppy.  We then brought another Denroc whippet bitch into the fold, who was closely related to Tali and Crys:  Westcroft's LadyJane At Denroc, aka "Eclipse". 

Here are photos of Blue, her housemates, her offspring and some of the great Denroc dogs....


Ch. Denroc's White Witch, aka "Blue"


  Jim, Blue, Lucifer, Caleigh & Candy
Ch. Lepus Denroc Divining Rod, FCh. aka "Rod"   Photo 1983 winning BPIG.  Rod was one of Blue's offspring.  The litter was born Nov 22, 1982.
Lepus Koira Crystal Ring, TT aka Crys.  Crystal is pictured here at 11 years of age.  She was a litter sister to Rod and Tali.


Ch. Lepus The Denroc Talisman, TT.  Tali was the Dam of Icewind Stag Hound, FCh, TT.  Tali was a litter sister to Rod and Crystal.




Icewind Stag Hound, FCh, TT

Stag was Tali's son.  He was 5 years of age in the right hand photo and 8 years of age in the right hand photo. Stag was born June 4, 1985.



Whippet Female Westcroft's LadyJane At Denroc, dam of Ch. My Fleetfoot Unicorn of Lepus, VSR.  Eclipse was born May 9, 1990.

Her Sire & Dam:

Am.Can.Ch.Alryn's Damian of Iyindi X Denroc Fantasy On Ice

Some of the Great Denroc Dogs behind Blue and Eclipse.....

Ch. Denroc Hell On Wheels, FChX aka "Wheels"
#1 Whippet 1981
#7 Hound 1981
#3 Whippet 1982
Ch. Denroc Devil's Teardrop
aka "Dice"
Dam of "Himself" (right)
Ch. Denroc Koira Call Me Mister
aka "Himself"
#2 Whippet 1984
Ch. Denroc Haleys Comet
Dam of "Lexie" (right)
Ch. Nineveh Royal Denby aka "Lexie"
#3 Whippet 1985
#1 Whippet 1986

Left to Right:  Ch. Denroc Koira Call Me Mister and Ch. Nineveh Royal Denby with their Get 1985 Specialty

Ch. Denroc Chardoney
Ch. Denroc Lotus Elan
Ch. Denroc Lamborghini Countach
Denroc Lancia Spyder
Ch. Denroc Maserati Bora