Some of Echo & Wizzy's Offspring:
2 litters of Whippets born Feb 5, 2000 and October 14th, 2000

BIS / BISS UCH/Can Ch. Lepus Chien Tang, RChS, VSR, JOR2 - female
aka "Tara" - B. 2/5/00 - photos at 1 year of age.

Ch. Lepus Chien Tang aka "Tara" Ch. Lepus Chien Tang aka "Tara"  

"Tara" started racing during her second year.  She had to be started off slowly due to an accident that dislocated a pastern joint when she was 4 months old.  She is sound now and can run multiple days in a row.  This girl has a temperament to "die for"!!  She is sweet as pie and just a lovely bitch to live with.  She has done some wonderful wins, including Best Puppy in Breeder's Match at the Belleville & District Kennel Club Show under FOUR different judges.  She has had multiple BOB and Group placings.  She was bred in 2004 to our "Willie".  Her 4 show offspring have  Conformation titles, are finished race champions and/or pointed in racing, have awesome temperaments, are athletic and sound, healthy whippets.  We are VERY pleased with them!  Tara's  PEDIGREE.   Puppies were born on June 18th, 2004.  You can view some puppy photos HERE

FLASH!  July 31, 2005:  Tara went Best In Sighthound Specialty Show (Field Trial/Conformation Show) under Judge Allan Brown.

FLASH!  Sept 30, 2005:   Tara went BOB, then Group 1st at the Pine Ridge Kennel Club Show under Irish Judge Ms. Ann Ingram!

Yet Another FLASH!  October 2, 2005:   Tara went BOB, then Group 2nd at the Pine Ridge Kennel Club Show under Judge Mr. Warren Hood!


FLASH! Sept 3, 2007:  Tara went Best In Show at the United Greyhound Club Show, under Judge Pamela Moore.  She was in good company in the ring:  several top BIS dogs were present, including a World Show Winner/multi BIS, along with some multi group winning dogs.  We are thrilled to have our little girl win such a prestigious award at the tender age of SEVEN!! 

Tara is well pointed in CARA racing and is finished her Straight title, and veteran straight title. She goes coursing are some photos of the gal in action:


FLASH! November 2007:  Tara has finished her UKC Champion Title on November 17th, 2007, at the age of almost 8 years!!  She still has what it takes.  She finished with a BOB/Group 2nd, but then went on to get three more BOBs and GROUP FIRSTS, the rest of the weekend!!  What a girl!

Tara was #2 whippet UKC for 2007 !!  She won BOB at the Top 10 Premiere to be the #1 Whippet UKC for 2007!!! We are VERY proud of her!!


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(Ch. Lepus Wizard and Glass, FCh, RChX  X Ch. Lepus Sirens Echo , FCh, RChS, ORM), w. Feb 5, 2000

Photo below is copyright & courtesy of Mark Raycroft Photography
photos taken at 18 months of age (above & below left) and 20 months (right).
CH. Lepus Sauron, RChX 
Sam performed well in 2001, achieving a number of BOB Placements in the Show ring as well as finishing up  very well in CARA racing for 2001, with a late start in his race career, having raced only the second 1/2 of the year!  Sam's accomplishments:

2001 - Multi-BOB's Conformation
2001 - #2 CARA Oval Race Whippet

2001 - #1 CARA Straight Race Whippet
2001 - #2 CARA All Breed Combined Events
2002 - #4 CARA Oval Race Whippet
2002 - #4 CARA Straight Race Whippet
2002 - #4 CARA All Breed Combined Events

Sam went on sabbatical for a couple of years, but came out and has done some singles stake lure coursing (1st place) during the end of 2004.  He will be back out racing and hopefully doing some Lure Coursing in 2005.  Sam measures in at 21.5".   

(Ch. Lepus Wizard and Glass, FCh, RChX  X Ch. Lepus Sirens Echo , FCh, RChS, ORM)


"Kaelan" is from Echo and Wizzy's first litter (Feb. 5, 2000).  He is a stunning dog, who finished his Canadian Championship very quickly with BOB/BW and BOS/BW over Specials.  We are very proud of this whippet, who is a litter brother of Sam.   Kaelan had a difficult start in that we had to remove him from his previous home.  He has some emotional traumas to overcome and slowly but surely he improved.   He is a sweet lovable soul, and was able to overcome his past experiences so that he could shine in new found confidence.  Kaelan eventually went to live with our friend Kevin in Belleville.  Unfortunately Kaelan died in an auto accident in 2008.  He is sorely missed.  Kaelan sired a litter in January 2004.

Ch. Lepus Pyros, RChS
aka "Perry".  B. 2/5/00 - photos at 1 year of age.

Photo of Lepus Pyros - aka "Perry" Photo of Ch. Lepus Pyros, "Perry"

Perry is owned and loved by Deanna Vout.

Ch. Lepus Dra Dalvenjah - aka "Dighty" - B. 10/14/00

Ch. Lepus Dra Dalvenjah  Ch. Lepus Dra Dalvenjah CH. Lepus Dra Dalvenjah

Two photos at right, copyright and courtesy of Mark Raycroft


Ch. Lepus Dra Dalvenjah Photo taken by Valle Pegg.

Dighty is owned and loved by Valle Pegg.  Dighty will be bred in early 2007.

Lepus Dra Falkor, pictured with litter sister Dighty! 

Falkor is loved and owned by the Thomas Family!

Ch. Lepus Winterfang aka "Siegfried" - B. 2/5/00

Photo is his Group 1st win at Avalon Kennel Club Show in May 2001 (at 15 months of age).  He was very tired when the photo was taken and did not want to be set up  anymore so the photo isn't the best.  One of these days hopefully he'll have a better photo taken to put on this page!   Siegfried is owned and loved by Deb Sheppard. (also read about him in the lower section "Lepus Whippets and the people they own!"