Queenie & Sugar's Offspring

(Ch.Vantage Limited Edition X Ch. Lepus Queen Bavmorda), w. March 26, 1998

Photo Copyright & Courtesy of Mark Raycroft

Whippets, "Wizzy", "Dee-Dee" & "Abra" (photos below) are three of "Queenie & Sugar's" puppies.  Wizzy is pictured above Finishing his Championship at the tender age of 6 1/2 months of age! He had taken WD, BW at the WCEC Specialty Show the day before, and WD at Scarborough Kennel Club.  He takes after both mother & father with his tremendous side-gait and is also very clean coming & going!  He is an excellent runner showing great ability and desire to chase! At his first race meets he has placed in the Ribbons (and points!).  Subsequently, he has been finishing no less than 2nd or 3rd place! He finished his Oval Race Championship in 6 meets. He also finished his Straight Racer of Merit title.  In mid-October he went to his very first Field Trial where he took 1st place in his Stake.  Way to go Wiz!  As well he is #2 CARA Oval Race Whippet, #5 CARA Straight Race Whippet and #4 CARA All Breed Overall Combined for 1999! Already he is following in "Uncle Willie's" footsteps on the Track and the Field!  The above photo to the right was taken at 20 months of age.  Wizzy is BAER, CERF & Thyroid tested Normal.   Wizzy is sire to Echo's litter born on February 5th, 2000.  (see Echo's Offspring)

(Ch.Vantage Limited Edition X Ch. Lepus Queen Bavmorda), w. March 26, 1998

"Dee Dee" is a beautiful little solid blue brindle bitch, pictured here at 6 months of age on the left and almost 2 years of age on the right. She has a lovely personality and tremendous drive.  Although she REALLY hated the Show ring (and made it quite evident by taking until 10 mos. of age to Finish), she showed great enthusiasm and ability in the Field.  In her debut Lure Coursing Trial she took 1st Place in her stake.  At her second trial she took 1st/BOB.  She finished her title at her 3rd trial with a BOB!  She was #6 CARA Oval Race Whippet (#1 Female) and #7 CARA Straight Race Whippet (#2 Female) as well as #10 CARA All Breed Overall Combined in 1999.   She had great running style and tremendous stamina.  Unfortunately she was injured in an accident that left her partially lame from nerve damage and it ended her running career.    She produced a lovely litter of 6 whippets who were born in September 2001.  They made their racing debuts in 2003 and some now are making their lure coursing debuts.  They take after their mom and dad on the field for sure!  Dee is now retired to hunting squirrels in her yard at her new home with the Andersons, her uncle Jackson, whippet Belle and greyhound David.  We are very, very proud of her and all her accomplishments.  Dee and Wizzy's offspring: Leike, Justice, Prue, Rika, Vita and Winona.

Whippet,"Abracadabra" (photo below), litter sister of Dee & Wizzy, is a lovely small bitch who although taking some time to mature, has all the "right stuff in all the right places".  She loves to chase the "fake" bunnies too!  When mature she will be an outstanding bitch, as she has exquisite movement.  She is game for anything and is easy to motivate.  As seen in the photo below, she went Reserve Winners Bitch at Ontario Sighthound Association Specialty (at just over 1 year of age) with an entry of over 20 bitches.  Her mom just fell in love at first sight and being an Agility aficionado, well, we thought that the two of them were a perfect match.

(Ch.Vantage Limited Edition X Ch. Lepus Queen Bavmorda), w. March 26, 1998




Abra lives with her mom Louise in Montreal and is her jogging partner and agility protege!   She shares Louise with Whippet Hocus Pocus and Greyhounds Whisper & Fielding.
Louise has been bitten by the Coursing/Racing "BUG" and has had Abra out to her first 5 trials where she got 2 BOBs, and two 2nds, this all in the last few months of 2000!  In her first ASFA weekend she got a 1st on day one, and a 4th the following!   She is now a CKC FCh & finished her ASFA FCh in Ocala Florida with a second place finish on Sat. March 10th, 2001! Abra has earned her Straight Race title & is pointed in Oval Racing (CARA racing) and has her OTR title in NOTRA Oval Racing as well !
In Abra's very first agility trial she had two clean runs giving her two legs towards her first agility title. In her following trial she got two more legs finishing her NJC title (Novice Jumper Certificate) in NADAC. She was amazing at her first AAC trial (June 2 & 3/2001), with 3 clean runs, winning two Firsts and a Third place and winning Best Combined Open Starter. She achieved her ADC (Agility Dog of Canada) Title in one weekend alone! She also finished her USDAA Agility Dog title (AD) on June 16, 2001. All this in less than two months of competing.  She's a great little competitor in any endeavour and her mom is just bursting with pride over her little girl!  Go ABRA!