Can. Ch., U. Ch. Lepus Mountain Dew Typhoon, CCB, JSR3, ORM

~ Siobhan ~

Siobhan is one of the Connor X Eadie litter born June 13, 2010.  She is a beautiful black masked fawn, 18" at the withers.   She is a DYNAMO in the field, and a snuggle bunny on the lap.  She has a lovely temperament, and is beautifully sound and athletic.  She has tremendous power and agility at speed with that ever present prey drive.  She requires one more leg for her first oval title, and quickly finished her UKC coursing title in mid 2012 (CCB), continuing to collect coursing points towards her next title.  She finished her U.Ch. in November 2011 with both breed and group competition, winning WB/BOB plus two Group Firsts and two Group Thirds.  She finished her CKC conformation Championship title in August 2012. We are very pleased with her in every way.  She and her sister Etta are overall improvements over both of their parents, and that is every breeder's dream!   (We hope to have some new photos of her up on this page soon).


Siobhan was bred to Lennie (Ch./U.Ch. Lepus R U Gonna Go My Way, FCh., CCB, RChS, RChO)  and the litter was born May 10th, 2013.  We are pleased with this litter who are now over  16 months old and exceptional "do it all" dogs with great health, and we are particularly looking forward to good hearts into old age.  Click this LINK for puppy photo gallery.  Siobhan X Lennie Puppy Pedigree



Siobhan was whelped June 13, 2010


Siobhan 4 months of age:


Siobhan & brother Pearce, 3 months of age already keen to chase the lure!


More Photos:

Siobhan's Photo Gallery


Siobhan's Sire:

Imported from Ireland


Can. Ch. /Am. Ch. / U.Ch. Collooney Mountain Dew, JSR, NC
(UK Ch., IR. Ch., INT. Ch. Collooney He's The One X Cobyco Call Me Madam At Stonefox)

"Connor" formerly known as "Compo"

Connor - Ch. Collooney Mountain Dew - Group 3rd photo-April 24, 2010


Connor Wins Group 3rd in a strong Hound Group, under Whippet Specialist Judge Deborah Graffmann
April 24th, 2010


Connor's Pedigree


Connor's Offspring at Lepus:


Connor was bred by Viv Coulter of Collooney Whippets in Ireland. Dew.html

Connor was bred to Lepus Runnin'With The Devil, F.Ch. (Eadie) in April 2010.  Eadie is owned by Donna Tomson (Castlekeep).  The litter was his first in North America, and they were born June 13, 2010.  Please visit the Gallery of photos of this litter.