Uni & Merlin's Offspring:
(CH Marelsa Merlins Wand Lepus, FCh, CGC, RChS, ORM, VSR x Ch. My Fleetfoot Unicorn of Lepus, VSR)


Our little miss "Echo" has done exceptionally well in her young career! She is
relentless on the field and track, smooth and elegant in the Show Ring. Although exhibited limitedly, Echo has a great list of accomplishments to her credit; some of these are:
Multi-BOB Winner, Conformation

1996 - Best Puppy in Group, Limestone Kennel Club
1996 - Best Puppy in Specialty Show (WCEC)
1997 - BOB Whippet Conformation, Greyhound Club of Canada Sighthound Specialty Field Trial/Conformation Show (photo far right), as well as Placing 1st in the Stake B Field Trial
1997 - BOS Specialty Show (WCEC)
1997 - #8 Whippet CARA Straight Racing (#1 Female)
1998 - Group 1st Belleville Kennel Club Invitational Tournament
1998 - Group 3rd, Sarnia Kennel Club Show
1999 - Group 3rd, Kingston Kennel Club
1999 - Group 3rd, Pineridge Kennel Club
1999 - #8 CARA Oval Race Whippet

Echo finished more Racing titles during the first half of 1999. She has been bred a second time to Ch. Lepus Wizard and Glass, FCh, RChX (see Queenie's offspring) and the pups were whelped October 14th, 2000 (5 females, 2 males).  Photos of some of the offspring from the above 2 litters are further down the page.
 Several of the whippets from both those litters have turned out to be exceptional, talented whippets.   VIDEO OF ECHO & WIZZY'S 2nd litter at 12 weeks of age:

VIDEO CLIP OF THEIR 1ST LITTER (w.FEB. 5TH, 2000) at 11 months of age:

Echo was whelped January 11, 1996.  Measures in at 18 3/4". She is 3rd generation N.R.
Cerf. Clear 1998, 2000. VWD Clear. Heart and thyroid normal 2000. BAER tested Normal 2000.

Whippets, CH. LEPUS GRIFFIN, ORM (foreground racing and Group 4 photo)

& CH. LEPUS CENTAUR, FCh, RChS, ORM ( background racing and photos below)
(CH Marelsa Merlins Wand Lepus, FCh, CGC, RChS, ORM, VSR x Ch. My Fleetfoot Unicorn of Lepus, VSR)



"Sid" (Ch.Lepus Centaur,FCh.,RChS, ORM) had an exciting year in 1997 with 3 BOB's and 2 BIF's Lure Coursing! He also did very well racing, placing #4 Whippet in CARA Straights and #9 Whippet in CARA Ovals. In 1998 he placed #7 Whippet Straights, racing in fewer venues in '98. He finished his SRM & ORM titles in '98 and his Straight Race Champion title in the first half of 1999.   He was owned by Kim Russell (of HotDiggity Dog! ) and lived with his great niece Roxy, Lurcher Chaldrah, and Roxy's son Thomas.  Sadly, Sid passed away in 2007 due to cancer.  He is greatly missed by his family.

"Finny" finished his conformation title quickly and placed in the Group a couple of times.  He did not race at all in 1998, but Kim had him out in 1999 at a few meets.  He achieved his Oval Racer of Merit title in early September.  Although he has lots of prey drive, he has some trouble at the end of the race with ownership of the bunny.  We stopped racing him and in his veteran years he has become more able to share and was out to some NOTRA meets and some lure coursing trials.  He loved the chase and catch!  Measures in at 21.5".  Finny went to live with Kim Russell in July of 2009.   Finny came back home in late 2010.  He has been a very active senior, taking offleash runs/walks in the back field several times a week.  Finny turned 15 in January 11th, 2011.  In mid April Finny lost the use of his rear end.  This did not phase or stop him.  He tried using Lavan's old wheelchair cart from Doggon' Wheels, and was up to going for twice daily walks (usually about 30 minute walks).  He was willing to still be a go-getter until the very end.   He passed away peacefully on May 24th, 2011 well into his 16th year.  He is dearly missed.  I am sure he is getting into mischief over the Bridge....


Sid sleeping on top of Shasta

Photo above
Borzoi Shasta & Whippet Sid, about 4 months old,  having a siesta on the sofa!  "Boy, she sure makes a nice fluffy, soft body pillow!" (1996)


(CH Marelsa Merlins Wand Lepus, FCh, CGC, RChS, ORM, VSR x Ch. My Fleetfoot Unicorn of Lepus, VSR), whelped January 11, 1996

"Tooki" as he is affectionately known, is owned by Jesse-Luis Woodham, and is pointed towards his Field Championship.  During the first half of 1998 he had finished his Oval & Straight Race Champion titles. He was #5 Whippet CARA Straights 1997 and #8 Whippet CARA Ovals 1997. He placed #5 Whippet in CARA Straights 1998 and #6 Whippet CARA Ovals 1998.